The Persuasion Candidate...Get the career of your choice
The “Persuasion Candidate” course shows you how to use persuasion & influence techniques based on hypnosis and NLP to always be a great candidate for the post you want to obtain. It recognises that gaining your desired career move or promotion has been a challenge. You have perhaps realised that whilst you can learn from your experiences and/or take advice from recruiters or individuals who possess expertise in this area, the infrequent opportunities mean you really must maximise the chances that arise.
In over 12 years’ experience of managing recruitment and selection, I realised that the pool of shortlisted candidates generally comprises of approximately a third who “will shoot themselves in the foot,” a third who are badly prepared and if you’re lucky there will be a third that remains and who are “good candidates.”  
Whilst it is sensible to focus on preparation based on information gleaned from the advert, job description, person specification, competency framework, organisational information and even practice answering potential interview questions, these will not differentiate you from the other candidates. The process has also become more elongated and in some instances complex by the addition of telephone interviews, the “meet for a coffee and chat” stage, the presentations etc.
In my view it is critical that you put yourself in the running for every post that you apply for because even if there is a “better candidate on the day,” in my experience, if you have proven yourself to be an outstanding candidate, the organisational will often seek ways to seek out other opportunities for you whenever it is feasible. Brilliant candidates are always in demand and the focus on developing skills which interact with the unconscious mind will really turbo charge your performance as a candidate.
The Persuasion Candidate understands the power of the unconscious mind and uses a range of persuasion techniques derived from coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). It is imperative that as a candidate you influence the unconscious minds of your selection panel so that they must appoint you. I should stress that this is not a technique geared towards manipulation. It is an approach based on the more effective use of language to persuade and influence the panel so that they realise you are a great candidate who must be appointed. For example research has shown that simply adding the word “because” into a sentence before asking for a favour, e.g. use of a photocopier when there is a queue, increases the “yes” response by up to 33%.
Coaching and NLP can also be used to improve how you feel about the process and to deliver components of the process such as the presentation. An example of this is the following exercise which will improve your confidence at interview if you do it every day before the interview:
You close your eyes, see, feel and hear yourself as a very confident person, and imagine:
How would you sit, stand, walk & talk
How and what you would say in answer to interview questions
Yourself demonstrating your personality and confidence
What you believe about yourself and your world 
Coaching and NLP can teach you how to elegantly use language more effectively and how you can prepare yourself to succeed every time you apply for a post.